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360° Cart

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Wellmaster’s 360° Cart features a dynamic design to meet all horticultural needs. What makes this cart unique is its zero turn radius for close tight turns. Too many times growers, nurseries or garden centers are restricted by their own environment to efficiently move about. The 360° Cart can help you get you and your products where you want to go.



The 360° Cart has handles on each end for ease when maneuvering sharp turns over various terrains whether you are pushing or pulling the unit. Four 8” swivel tires are placed on the ends for load stability while two 15” tires are placed at the center to act as a pivot point. This unit is completely compatible with the industry standard 22” x 59” shelves. Your adjustable 59” shelves that you use on other carts can be used on this unit to suit your specific needs. Two fork guides occupy the underside of the unit for transport via lift truck. This unit also features a hot dip galvanized finish.

The 360° Cart’s high quality and durability assures that this unit will be a step saver that will earn its keep every day of the week for years to come.

The 360° Cart is ideally suited for garden centers, nurseries or greenhouses to carry a wide variety of products including bedding plants, perennials, hanging baskets and pots.

• 22″ Wide x 59″ Long x 46″ Height Assembled

• Hot Dip Galvanized Base With Expanded Metal Mesh
• Hot Dip Galvanized Shelf With Expanded Metal Mesh
• Hot Dip Galvanized Handles

Wheel Selection:
• 15″ Center Wheels, No Flat (Two Rigid)
• 2″ x 8″ Quality Casters, No Flat (Four Swivel)

Products To Be Carried:
• Bedding Plant Trays:
Standard – 10 1/2 x 21
True Size – 10 x 20
Slim Jims – 8 x 20
• Pots: 2″ to 6″ or 1 to 10 Gallon
• Hanging Baskets: 8″, 10″ or 12″ Diameters

What Are They Made From:
• All Steel Construction

• Per Cart Rated at 1000 lbs. (Distributed Load)
• Per Shelf Rated at 125 lbs. (Distributed Load)

Box Dimensions And Weight:
• 23″ Wide x 60″ Long x 14″ High x 176 lbs.