Garden Center

Hexagonal Display Bench

Wellmaster’s Hexagon Display Bench offers versatility as well as durability within your garden center. Each Hexagon Display Bench comes with two half frames and eight removable legs so you can either display your products on the full six sided, six legged version or on two half benches with four legs. Whatever best suits your environment!



These units are ideally suited for garden centers to display a wide variety of products.

Half Hexagon Unit:
• 30″ Wide x 72″ Long (with four legs)
Full Hexagon Unit:
• 60″ Wide x 72″ Long (with six legs)
• 36″ Height Assembled

• Hot Dip Galvanized

• No Casters

Products To Be Displayed:
• Multi Uses:
• Live Plants – Bedding Plant Trays
Standard – 10 1/2 x 21
True Size – 10 x 20
Slim Jims – 8 x 20
Pots – 2″ to 6″ or 1 to 10 Gallon
Hanging Baskets – 8″, 10″ or 12″ Diameters
• Hard Goods – Stationary Display Of Merchandise Such As Trinkets Or Pottery

What Are They Made From:
• All steel construction with mesh inserts
• With removable legs for shipping and storage

• Rated at 500 lbs. (Distributed Load)

Box Dimensions And Weight:
• 32″ Wide x 73″ Long x 4 1/2″ High x 109 lbs.
(includes 2 half frames and 8 removable legs)