Message to Wellmaster Team

Dear Wellmaster Team,

Thank you for your tremendous response to COVID-19 crisis.

As we go about our daily tasks, it is easy to forget the essential part we play in the critical sectors Wellmaster serves. The products each of you make possible keep well water flowing for rural families, ensure greenhouses can supply food to local grocery stores, ensures a hospital construction project is not delayed and is sustaining Canada’s hard-hit energy sector. In this challenging time, you are making a difference.

Deemed essential by the provincial and federal government for our role in maintaining manufacturing capacity, water and food security and the energy sector, we have a responsibility to our country, province and region as well as to our families to maintain operations. This begins with ensuring workplace safety. We implemented new protocols necessary to protect ourselves and each other in the workplace. We have successfully implemented social distancing, worked to eliminate high touch surfaces and we are dedicating the last 30 minutes of each shift to disinfecting workstations, tools and equipment in addition to daily disinfecting of the office, breakroom and washrooms by our cleaning service provider.

In the new COVID-19 reality, workplace safety begins at home. The care each of us takes in following public health guidelines to self-isolate, practice frequent hand washing and social distancing is critical to ensuring the safety of our team at work. If you are symptomatic, have been directed by health officials to quarantine or if a member of your household is symptomatic or is under quarantine please stay at home and contact us as soon as possible to review the return to work protocol and how you can access available support. We are here to support you and your family as we navigate this challenging time.

In addition to workplace safety, communication is a critical part of our path forward. Thank you for the insightful questions and creative ideas we have received during discussions on the shop floor, phone calls and evening and weekend emails. Each is an invaluable opportunity to clarify policies, improve practices and provide an update on daily communications with government and industry partners on our actions to ensure a strong stable future for our team next week, next month and for years to come. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas to improve operations and better fulfil Wellmaster’s mission to “make a difference” please reach out.

These are unprecedented times. Thanks to you we are navigating the current health crisis and gaining time to implement a strategy to steer our team through the economic downturn. Our work is far from done. If we remain diligent and undaunted, we will remember these days and weeks as the turning point for the success we will create and share in the economic recovery to come.

In gratitude,

Doug White

James White