Exploring Hydrogen’s Potential

Wellmaster is committed to forming partnerships that focus on on-site hydrogen storage.

Hydrogen is playing an important part in the development of the global net-zero economy. For Wellmaster, hydrogen is an opportunity to transition our existing energy sector products and services to support renewable energy adoption across the diverse sectors we serve today. We are seeking additional partnerships to join our current collaboration working to develop and commercialize hydrogen solutions. 

Feasibility Study: Cased-Wellbore Hydrogen Storage

Wellmaster is working with partners to better understand the potential for case wellbore hydrogen storage. 

Cased-wellbore storage has the potential to leverage the experience of the traditional oil and gas supply chains and reapply them to develop safe, cost-effective hydrogen storage. Rather than using the cased wellbore to access a hydrocarbon reservoir, the well casing is capped, and the borehole void space is used to store hydrogen. The resulting hydrogen storage has a significantly reduced surface infrastructure footprint resulting in a solution with greater safety that can be more easily installed in areas surface area and clearances may be restricted. 

Wellmaster is uniquely positioned to work with Canadian partners in government, academia, and private sector to develop cased-wellbore storage as Canada’s only Canadian-owned and operated API (American Petroleum Instituted) 5CT and TSSA certified thread and coupling shop.

Your Multi-Sector Partner in Hydrogen

Wellmaster is an established and trusted manufacturer and supplier in the North American water, energy, and horticultural sectors. As a leading supplier, our products are relied upon by water and energy sector drillers, as well as the largest nursery and greenhouses across North America. 

Further, Wellmaster has ongoing relationships with government partners and research institutions, including McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute and the Lambton College Research and Innovation and Lambton Water Centre. 

For prospective partners in the hydrogen space, this means that Wellmaster not only has design and manufacturing capacity but access to research partnerships and multisector distribution channels to commercialize solutions once developed.

Making A Difference

Wellmaster’s purpose statement is “Make a Difference”. It is our commitment to building positive relationships with our team members, our customers, our suppliers, and our community. Wellmaster’s drive to develop hydrogen solution partnerships is a key part of how we are making a difference for our stakeholders as well all work toward achieving a net-zero future. 

Are you interested in joining Wellmaster’s current collaboration working to develop and commercialize hydrogen solutions? We would love to discuss a potential partnership.