New Pick Six Item: Customizable FlexHaul Platform Cart

Wellmaster recently developed the new FlexHaul platform cart for long-term durability to haul large items. You can now purchase the FlexHaul as part of the pick six promotion and receive free shipping!

The FlexHaul carts were fabricated specifically for use in storage facilities to safely transport heavy items throughout the location. These heavy-duty units are reinforced with the ability to hold up to 750 lbs. They allow you to transport products, materials, equipment, or other items safely and conveniently. These carts ensure that certain requirements and key pain points were addressed throughout the Prototype to Product approach, including:

  • Tire performance and maintenance
  • Flexibility to accommodate the clients need to move different items
  • Improved durability and visual appearance of unit
  • Facility damage prevention
  • Noise reduction

These high-quality, heavy-duty carts were made to be used long-term for easy transportation of large items. FlexHaul platform carts feature a low lip edge for easy loading and unloading. To protect the carts and the facility, cushion casters on corners were added to help to guide the cart as it moves throughout the facility. 10” flat free casters (two rigid and two swivels) are used on the underside. The carts are finished with a hot dip galvanized finish to create a sleek look and increase longevity.

Furthermore, these FlexHaul carts were made with customizable options including shelves and an extra handle. The FlexHaul carts offer different options for shelving including one small half shelf or one large shelf and the option to add a six-position relocating handle with spring lock. Although these carts were made for storage facilities, they have the versatility to be used for other applications including greenhouse, nursery, and garden centre product transportation. The durability, strength and versatility of these carts make them a must-have addition to any facility that transports large, heavy items frequently. These carts are also part of the Pick Six promotion, so you can choose any 6 products, including the FlexHaul carts, and you’ll receive free shipping. Shop FlexHaul Carts as part of the Pick Six promotion today and you’ll only pay when the order is out for delivery. Choose Wellmaster for high-quality, durable equipment products that will help keep your business running smoothly.