Solutions for Businesses Moving to Curbside Pickup

Wellmaster is ready to help your business adapt to curbside pickup. For more than three decades our carts, racks, and point of sale displays have been trusted by big box retailers to small family operations across North America to get product in the hands of customers.

“As our partner businesses adapt to curbside pickup, they are turning to Wellmaster for the right solutions for success”, said James White, Senior Manager Business Development. “From assembling your orders to transporting purchases to customers curbside, Wellmaster has high value, low maintenance, in-stock solutions available today.”

Wellmaster can provide next day delivery in many regions of Ontario for in-stock carts and racks. In addition, we offer reduce rate or free shipping on most orders of six or more units across Canada and the US. Visit or call toll free at 1-800-387-9355 to find out more about the products and shipping solutions that will enable your business to move to curbside pickup today.

“In addition to our popular range of products including the 360 Cart, Grizzly Cart, Nesting Shopping Cart, Rhino Cart, and Du-All Barrow we can develop custom solutions for any business need”, continued James. “Our design and fabrication team can turn your idea and specifications into a working prototype and, once perfected, can cost-effectively mass produce of your ideal solution.”

Visit or call toll free at 1-800-387-9355 to find our how we can make a difference for your business in this challenging time.