Spring Forward with Savings: Wellmaster’s Pick Six Spring Inventory Essentials

With spring in full bloom, garden centers, nurseries, and greenhouses are buzzing with activity, making it the ideal time to refresh and upgrade your equipment.

Embracing the season of growth, Wellmaster introduces its Pick Six Promotion, a unique offer that not only allows businesses to mix and match six or more items from Wellmaster’s diverse spring inventory, but also enjoy free and flexible shipping. These products are ready to ship immediately, ensuring that your operations are fully equipped and operational without delay.

From robust carts to elegant display units, Wellmaster’s selection is tailored to meet the specific needs of the horticultural industry.

Spring Inventory

Fold Out Display Unit
A practical yet visually appealing solution, this unit is perfect for displaying a wide array of plants and garden products, with an easy fold-out setup for seasonal or temporary displays.

Wellmaster Grizzly
This cart stands as a testament to strength and versatility, designed to effortlessly transport heavy loads across garden centers and nurseries, ensuring every task is handled with ease.

22” x 53” Budget Cart
Designed for customers with economic concerns, the Budget Cart offers the quality and durability you expect from Wellmaster products. This cart includes one base with expanded metal mesh, four standard 77″ posts, three reinforced shelves with expanded metal mesh and one drawbar for towing in trains.

22” x 59”, 22” x 63”, 44” x 46” Transportation Cart
Suited for a variety of shipping needs, these carts are essential for the efficient transport of bedding plants, perennials, and hanging baskets, showcasing Wellmaster’s commitment to versatility.

Nesting Shopping Cart
Designed for space-saving efficiency, this cart features a unique nesting capability, reducing storage space and facilitating easy customer use. It comes in a hot-dipped galvanized finish. Our reinforced black powder coated baskets hold five 10″ x 20″ flats total and, as always, these carts nest 15″ into one another.

Double Deck Grizzly
Doubling down on the capacity, this cart enhances productivity by allowing for the transport of multiple product types in one go, ideal for high-volume days. 

Red Garden Wagon
Not just an attractive piece, the Red Garden Wagon combines functionality with style, equipped with durable tires and a versatile design perfect for any garden setting.

21” x 59” Side Sliding Cart
This unit is designed for the easy shipment of a wide range of products, embodying the adaptability and efficiency that Wellmaster is known for.

Hand Sanitizer Pump
In response to the new normal, this addition to the inventory ensures that hygiene standards are met, providing safety and peace of mind for both staff and customers.

360° Cart
The 360° Cart breaks barriers with its exceptional maneuverability, making it an invaluable asset for navigating tight spaces and crowded aisles with ease.

Garden Center Cart
A versatile tool for transporting a variety of products, this cart is indispensable for the day-to-day operations of garden centers, offering both reliability and flexibility.

Maximize Your Savings with the Pick Six Promo

Dive into our Pick Six Promo, designed to offer savings and customization for your greenhouse setup. By selecting any six (or more) items from our extensive range of products, you’ll enjoy the benefit of free and flexible shipping, so you can schedule your delivery when you need it. Our products are ready to be dispatched the moment you place your order, ensuring your operations are equipped without delay. Visit our promotion page for more information and to place an order.

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