Wellmaster truck delivers to Help Norfarms program

Wellmaster Supports Community Food Security Program

Today, Wellmaster delivered carts, wagons and personal protective equipment (PPE) to support the Delhi and District Chamber of Commerce and Wilkinson’s Independent HELP NORFARMS program.

“When we support local farmers, we support food security for everyone,” said James White, Senior Manager at Wellmaster. “That is what the HELP NORFARMS program is about and we are grateful for the opportunity to support it.”

Jim and his team receive the six Rhino carts and two Red Wagons at Help Norfarms program site.

The purpose of the “HELP NORFARMS” program is to provide Norfolk County farmers with access to centralized ordering and pickup of food required to feed farm workers. The program will help feed them today so they can ensure Canadian family have reliable access to local fresh produce for months to come.

“The Wellmaster team is proud of the contribution we make to North American water, food and energy security”, continued James.  “We would like to thank Jim Norman, Linda Branderhorst at the Chamber and their partners at Wilkinson’s Independent for contacting us when they needed carts and wagons so we could make a difference for our local community.”

Wellmaster will remain in contact with Jim and his team as the program launches and will remain ready to provide additional support.