Wellmaster’s Pick Six Promotion Benefits Greenhouses and Nurseries of All Sizes

Wellmaster has always been committed to providing exceptional service to greenhouses, garden centers, and nurseries of all sizes. To help out smaller operators, we offered our Pick Six promotion at trade shows and wanted to bring this to a larger audience.

“The great thing is that Pick Six allows us to serve smaller operators with the same products and services the largest greenhouses in North America rely on every season,” said Wellmaster Vice President James White.

Wellmaster is offering its Pick Six promotion to customers online with this spirit. The same products are available online that customers would see at a local trade show, and they can now shop from the comfort of their facility. “Greenhouse operators have been relying on Wellmaster for decades. They pick six units, and we pick up the freight. It’s a great way for us to service customers of all sizes,” James added.

Pick Six Promotion Benefits

Now is the ideal time to order equipment for greenhouses, garden centers, and nurseries for the upcoming season. Here are the benefits of ordering through Wellmaster’s Pick Promotion:

  • Mix and match 6 or more products that are part of the Pick Six promotion.
  • Flexible delivery dates with the equipment being shipped when you need it.
  • Payment is only required when products have been shipped so our customers can conserve their cash flow.

Order Now

United States:  https://picksix.wellmaster.ca/us/

Canada: https://picksix.wellmaster.ca/canada/

If you need assistance or have any questions about the Pick Six Promotion, please don’t hesitate to contact Pedro at 1800-387-9355 or email [email protected]