press x press coupling

An Innovator in Press x Press® Couplings

Wellmaster has developed a reputation for designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative Press x Press® coupling solutions for ground water drillers.

Wellmaster’s no-thread, no-weld couplings are made in Ontario and have helped drillers overcome challenges such as broken pipes, damaged threads, and work on artesian wells where threaded or weld-on-casting connections are problematic.

Wellmaster manufactures Press x Press® couplings in 4 1/2”, 6 5/8”, and 7” diameters. The 4 1/2” version was designed specifically for the Florida market where it has been widely adopted as an optimal solution to connect casing and where unit sales have grown exponentially.

To make this product broadly applicable for the entire North American and global markets, Wellmaster is developing a 6” version of the coupling.

Beyond water well drilling, there is potential to use this design in the structural piling sector, and for drilling potable water wells in water and WASH access challenged areas around the world because of the inherent ability to simplify product procurement and increase in-field drilling resiliency in challenging, remote locations.

Benefits of Wellmaster’s Press x Press® Couplings

Wellmaster’s Press x Press® couplings provide a no thread, no weld, friction taper connection for water well casing and structural piling. By using the same downward force used by drillers to advance the borehole, Wellmaster’s solution connects and seals the casing.

The Press x Press® design has definitive advantages over existing options, including the ability to accommodate plain end rather than beveled or threaded casing and the fact it does not require welding.

The design allows for more durable and simpler systems to be used to make the same parts with fewer materials and in less time. This is particularly important in rural environments as it is a more field ready solution in areas where there is limited access to resources and materials.

The Press x Press® couplings have a life expectancy of 50-100 years, which will have a significant social impact because of less pipeline damage and need for repairs, which means safer drinking water. 

Wellmaster’s innovative and unique Press x Press® attributes ultimately reduce input costs and project time versus conventional connections, resulting in increased profitability for drillers.

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