Water Well / Environmental

Press x Press® Couplings

Designed and manufactured in Ontario, Wellmaster’s Press x Press® water well casing connections are no-thread, no-weld couplings that drop onto end casing while driving thus eliminating additional time and expenses.

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Why Choose Press x Press® Couplings

Recognized Efficiency

Our Press x Press® ground water couplings have met stringent product validation requirements and are formally approved by the Department of Environmental Protection and all five water management districts in Florida.

• Hydrotested to 2,225 PSI with no leaks.

• Pull tested to 38,000 lbs. of pull without breaking the connection.

Designed for Versatility

Suitable for various casing types, Press x Press® couplings can be used on lower-quality, beveled, or even non-round casings, maximizing usability and reducing waste.

Cost-effective Solutions

These innovative couplings reduce input costs and project completion times, enhancing profitability by allowing the use of less-than-perfect casings without compromising on quality.

Proven Success in the Field

Ready to Transform Your Casing Operations?

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