Case Study: Wellmaster Benches Increase Efficiency of Greenhouse in Nova Scotia

Audrey Cook, the owner of Cook Natural Foods, a small greenhouse in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, began cultivating hydroponic vegetables in the summer of 2020. She set up a temporary greenhouse which was 16 feet high with a 20 X 40 feet wooden frame.

While she initially installed make-shift wood risers to elevate the vegetables on a platform, Audrey later realized that these risers fell off their base and needed adjustments with the help of a ladder frequently, making the operations inefficient and cumbersome.

Audrey started searching for durable and sturdy risers which could hold the vegetable pots at a desired height above the ground during production. She came across pre-existing benches but felt disheartened by the inflated pricing.

Cost-Effective and Flexible Solution

After a little more research, Audrey contacted Wellmaster and connected with Pedro, the company’s Technical Sales Representative, who facilitated the entire process. “I sent him (Pedro) a picture of roughly what I wanted but with different size dimensions. He was able to say we can do it and gave me a timeline and a quote, and we were off to the races,” said Audrey.

Greenhouses like Audrey’s require simple, cost-effective, space-saving, and durable products to get value from every square inch of the production facility. Often, greenhouse growers find it difficult to get flexible and easy-to-maintain solutions that support their production needs without increasing overall costs. Working with a team that understands the scale of a greenhouse facility and has insight into its operational challenges can make a significant difference for the business.


With our expertise in problem-solving for greenhouses and nurseries of all sizes for over 30 years, the Wellmaster team understood the challenges Cook Natural Foods faced. We came up with a fair quote to make 15 benches that met the client’s budget and specific size requirements.

Our products, made of high-quality galvanized steel, resist corrosion and add more level surfaces to vegetable pots. The installation of these benches at Cook Natural Foods made draining the pots easier and the cultivation cost-effective.

“Wellmaster’s service was great. I will order more from them if I expand my business in the future,” Audrey emphasized.

From carts to steering wagons to displays, Wellmaster has all your greenhouse and nursery product handling and display needs covered. With fair pricing, high quality, small quantity purchases, and flexible deliveries, Wellmaster is your one-stop shop for greenhouse and nursery equipment.

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