Wagons and Trailers

Rampless Hydraulic Trailers


These units are ideally suited for transporting carts and nursery stock from/to the field to/from the nursery, greenhouse or garden centre.

• All units are custom designed to customer specifications
   ie. To accommodate four 4446HDNC Carts, the trailer width is 90″ and 263″ long

• Primed and Painted

• Expanded Metal Mesh (raised or flattened)
• Solid Sheet Steel
• Checker Plate
• U Channel
• Or a combination of two of the above

Wheels And Hubs:
• Standard – 6 Bolt Rim And Hub With Tire (6PLY) 11L x 8″ x 15″ Rated At 5000 lbs.
  (Floatation Implement Tires)
• Each unit is equipped with four rims/hubs/tires and 4″ x 16″ hydraulic system mounted on two sets of trunions bronze bushings, and harden axle
• Ask us which rim, hub and tire combinations are best suited in your environment

What Are They Made From:
• All steel construction, with mesh (raised or flattened), solid sheet steel, or checker plate decks

• Painted

• Standard – Heavy Duty With Pin Hitch
• Tongue equipped with 3″ x 10″ hydraulic system and 5000 lb. screw jack system

• Standard 6000 lb. Capacity (Distributed Load)
• Optional 10000 lb. Capacity (Distributed Load)
• Custom Design Available For Other Load Requirements

• Trailer – Includes Mesh Deck (Standard Raised) Wheels And Tongue •

Special Features:
• Rack for extra shelves
• Retrackable Catwalks on both sides of trailer for easy access to deck and high reach areas
• Three hydraulic systems – designed to work independently or as one system from a tractor or an optional power pack system
• With shut•off valves on each hydraulic cylinder, trailer can be lowered in tilt fashon while having tongue elevated to aid in unloading fully loaded carts. Also with shut•off valves on hydraulics, trailer can be disconnected from hydraulic source while in its up (travel position) and be transported
• Cart restraint bar with pocket position to retain one, two, three, or full trailer load of carts

• High Arch Stablizing Bars – One Or Two
• Channel Deck For 4446HDNC Carts And Casters
• Checker Plate Deck For 22 Series Carts And Casters
• Personnel Safety Bar fitted to catwalk to allow outrider to ride on trailer
• Units are custom designed to customer specification and can accommodate from 2 to 4 units of large carts (4446HDNC or 4843SSFC) OR Can accommodate from 4 to 8 units of the 22″ Series Carts (2253TC, 2259SSTC, etc.)