How Wellmaster & CME Work Together to Improve the Canadian Manufacturing Industry

Wellmaster has been a proud Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) member for years. Through CME and the network with other manufacturers and government partners, Wellmaster has developed innovative new products, improved and modernized processes, and adapted to challenges.

As an industry-leading producer and distributor of critical inputs for North American energy, water, and horticulture sectors, Wellmaster’s partnerships with CME are essential in ensuring we stay on top of sector trends, new government programs, and changes to government regulations. As a family business, this partnership is fundamental in our ability to make a difference for our employees, customers, suppliers, and local and global community.

Wellmaster’s Vice President of Business Development, James White, has been serving on the Ontario Advisory Board and is currently serving as chair of the board. In this capacity, James works with CME and other member companies to give a voice to Ontario manufacturing. Ontario manufacturing is an essential part of maintaining water, food, energy, and infrastructure security. This is particularly true in times of uncertainty and disrupted supply chains. Further, Ontario manufacturing plays a central role in creating the economic capacity and tax base to ensure government frontline services are affordable and sustainable today and into the future.

Wellmaster describes the value of CME membership in one word “productive”. As a family-owned SME manufacturer, we must ensure time is invested in a way that provides the greatest return for the business. The time we have invested with CME in networking with other businesses, attending CME events and conferences, and participating in government and stakeholder consultations always provided an excellent return.


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