Wellmaster’s Innovative Approach to Product Longevity and Reliability through Jet-Lube Moly-Mist

Wellmaster is consistently working towards redefining the benchmarks of innovation and quality. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering tools that are not only high-performing but also reliable, catering to the stringent requirements of our valued customers. Our unwavering dedication to quality and continuous improvement has positioned us as a trusted leader in the water well sector, providing various couplings, drive shoes, weld rings, and our Press x Press® product family.



One of our primary challenges was ensuring the longevity and reliability of our products, especially when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. It was imperative for our products to brave the elements for prolonged durations without showing signs of rust or wear. Achieving this would not only enhance the lifespan of our products but also elevate the satisfaction levels of our customers, both of which are integral to our brand’s promise.



In our quest to address this challenge, we turned to innovation and introduced Jet-Lube’s Moly-Mist as an anti-rust and anti-galling solution for our non-API offerings. The integration of Moly-Mist into our process brought forth numerous advantages:

Dry Film Coating: Unlike traditional lubricants, Moly-Mist creates a dry film coating on parts, enhancing durability and longevity.

Full Coverage: Its cone spray pattern ensures complete protection, even for hard-to-reach areas. Quick Activation: Moly-Mist activates quickly upon application, providing immediate protection against rust and corrosion. Water Displacing: Moly-Mist effectively displaces water, protecting parts even under damp or humid conditions.

Break-in Lubricant: It also serves as a break-in lubricant for new parts, reducing friction during the initial stages of use. Safety: Moly-Mist is non-flammable, making it a safer choice than traditional lubricants that contain flammable solvents.

No Silicone: The absence of silicone in Moly-Mist makes it suitable for applications where silicone-based products are not appropriate.

Strong Surface Tension: Moly-Mist adheres well to parts due to its strong surface tension, providing long-lasting protection. Moly-Mist is a great ally in ensuring that our couplings achieve long-lasting resistance to rust and corrosion.


Our collaboration with Jet-Lube and the incorporation of Moly-Mist into our processes emphasize our shared dedication to innovation and supreme quality.