Wellmaster’s Press x Press® Couplings Earn Approval from Florida’s Environmental Protection Department

Wellmaster is a reputable manufacturer of high-performance products in the Water Well Industry. Wellmaster has become synonymous with quality and reliability, providing innovative solutions to some of the industry’s most challenging problems.

Our signature Press x Press® couplings, made by Wellmaster in Ontario, have recently received a letter of recommendation from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, granting them government approval for use in the state of Florida. Wellmaster Press x Press® couplings have met product validation requirements and are formally approved and recognized as an equivalent connection by the Department of Environmental Protection and all five water management districts in Florida.

This approval is essential for our expansion into the Florida market, where Press x Press® casing connections are quickly becoming an ideal water well drilling solution. Press x Press® couplings are a much-needed solution for drillers in Florida due to the complex environment in this area, which can make threading or welding casing connections difficult.

This letter of approval affirms that Press x Press® couplings provide equivalent protection for their intended use in coupling or joining steel well casing, further solidifying Wellmaster’s commitment to delivering reliable and innovative products.