Novo Whole House Filters (Auto)



“• Taste & Odor filters use high quality granular activated carbon to remove chlorine and organic matter that can make
water smell and taste horrible. A popular choice for rural homeowners.”
• Multi Media filters remove silt and sediment to restore cloudy water to crystal clear.
• Neutralizing filters raise the pH of acidic water to neutralize corrosiveness protecting fixtures, pipes and appliances.
• Simtan Plus filters hardness, iron, manganese, natural organic matter (including tannins) and ammonium removal.
Available In:
• NOVO 485TO-75, Carbon, Taste & Odour
• NOVO 485TO-100, Carbon, Taste & Odour
• NOVO 485MM-75, Multi-Media
• NOVO 485MM-100, Multi-Media
• NOVO 485NU-75, Neutralizing
• NOVO 485NU-100, Neutralizing
• NOVO 485 Simtan Plus-150
• NOVO 485 Simtan Plus-250