Water Softeners

Novo High Efficiency Water Softeners – Series 485



• To Soften, Filter And Purify Water
• Reverse Flow regeneration preserves unused portion of softening bed from unnecessary exchange saving salt
• Precision Brining calculates the exact amount of brine required to regenerate saving up to 30% more salt
• Automatic Backwash Frequency Preset for clean municipal water saves water by matching backwash to water quality need
• Soft Water Brine Tank Refill keeps tank & injectors clean
• Automatic System Refresh flushes stagnant water after 7 days of non-use preventing bacteria growth
• Soft Water Recharge Mode ensures soft water during unusually heavy water usage
• NSF Certified fibreglass pressure tank
• IAPMO R & T Certified cation resin
• IAPMO R & T Certified against CSA B483.10User-friendly backlit LCD display
• “No Touch” information display rotates key info like last regeneration date and volume remaining
• Unique bypass with integrated turbine meter saves space, eliminates connections and is more durable
• Time saving quick connect fittings on bypass, drain & brine line. Power cord even has quick connect for easier installations.
• Drain line o-ring eliminates the need for Teflon
• Brine safety valve for added overflow protection
• 48 hour self charging battery back-up
• Includes hose clamp and 10’ of drain tubing
Available In:
• NVO485HE-75 – Novo Series 485 HE Twin Tank
• NVO485HE-100 – Novo Series 485 HE Twin Tank
• NVO485HE-150 – Novo Series 485 HE Twin Tank
• NVO485HE-75C – Novo Series 485 HE Cabinet
• NVO485HE-100C – Novo Series 485 HE Cabinet