Pressure Tanks, Switches, Gauges

Well-X-Trol Pro Access Tanks

This product is available to qualified groundwater professionals only. If you are not a business, we encourage you to contact a driller, pump installer, or plumber in your local community.


• For rural home and farm water systems
• 100% Non Metallic Water Reservoir
• High-strength steel shell
• Virgin polypropylene inner liner will not crack, chip, flake or peel
“• Heavy duty butyl diaphragm is the thickest in the industry and features seamless construction for
uniform strength and flexibility. It conforms exactly to the shell configuration without stretching, creasing,
or forming bubbles or corners that could trap water or sediment. Butyl is the best known elastomer to
prevent air loss.”
• Diaphragm design will not collapse or tear like bladder designs
• Stainless-steel system connection withstands aggressive water
• Deep-drawn steel domes offer twice the strength of rolled steel while minimizing weight.
• Unique positive hoop ring seal secures diaphragm and liner for added strength and reliability.
“• Exclusive welding process eliminates interior rough spots and sharp edges that can damage the
diaphragm and liner.”
• Each finished tank is pressure tested for safety.
• Each finished tank is pre-pressurized to the most common pump cut-in pressure.
• Exterior appliance-like finish looks attractive while protecting the tank from the elements.
Available In:
• WX-101 – 2 Gallon
• WX-102 – 4.4 Gallon
• WX-103 – 8.6 Gallon
• WX-202PA – 20 Gallon
• WX-203PA – 32 Gallon
• WX-205PA – 34 Gallon
• WX-250PA – 44 Gallon
• WX-251PA – 62 Gallon
• WX-302PA – 86 Gallon
• WX-350PA – 119 Gallon