Wellmaster Prototype to Product Case Study: Scaffolding Storage Rack

At Wellmaster, we are proud to offer our prototype-to-product approach to developing new solutions for high-quality, durable equipment products. We can create new products from an idea by helping you to create a prototype and then manufacture it to your specifications. Keep reading to learn more about how Wellmaster develops products using this approach.

Over this past June, the Wellmaster team worked to complete a new custom product from prototype to manufacturing. A local masonry contractor approached us to create a scaffolding storage rack for use on his job site. With similar products on the market, the client needed something simple with customizations for his applications. These are some of the sketches that the customer used to outline his requirements and specifications.

Here are some of the design features:

  • hot dip galvanized finish,
  • custom length, width, and height,
  • reinforced steel for durability,
  • mesh floor for debris and drainage,
  • forkliftable from all sides,
  • three storage slots.

Wellmaster took the customer’s concept and modifications and designed an innovative, custom product that was high-quality, durable, and met all his requirements. We were able to create a design to meet the specific needs of the customer. They loved the storage rack and will be purchasing another unit in the future. One of the benefits of choosing to purchase this product through Wellmaster was that the client saved on any freight costs due to it being made locally here in Ontario.

Wellmaster is an experienced prototype product manufacturer, and we have helped many customers from various industries create their desired products. If you have a product prototype that requires manufacturing or want to learn more about the process, contact us.