Wellmaster Will Exhibit Innovative Water Well Drilling Equipment, Including:

Innovative Wellmaster
Press x Press® Couplings

Our unique Press x Press® Couplings are an innovative Wellmaster product that provides a no thread, no weld, friction taper connection for water well casing and structural piling. These durable couplings have a life expectancy of 50-100 years and help improve efficiency and profitability for drillers.

Press x Press® Couplings Approved for Use in Florida

Gaining significant recognition in the industry, Wellmaster’s Press x Press® couplings have recently received approval from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, meeting stringent validation requirements. This approval marks them as an equivalent connection for steel well casings, ideal for Florida’s challenging drilling environments and exemplifying Wellmaster’s commitment to reliable, innovative solutions in the water well industry.

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Founded in 1952, the Ontario Ground Water Association (OGWA) has been at the forefront of ensuring safe, clean water throughout the province, bringing together industry experts and the latest technologies. The OGWA Annual Meeting and Convention is your gateway to the future of ground water, offering a unique blend of learning and networking opportunities.

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