Cable Tool Drive Shoes

10″ Drive Shoe, Cable Tool, Weld On, Long

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For 10 3/4" O.D. casing

What is a drive shoe you ask? A drive shoe is a beveled-edge sleeve or coupling that is attached to the bottom of pipe or casing to act as a cutting edge in most casing advancement systems. It also acts as a protector for the pipe or casing to prevent splitting.

What is a Wellmaster Tuff Drive Shoe? TDS drive shoes are made from quality steel tube. Carefully controlled induction heating ensures uniform hardness around the entire cutting edge of the shoe to increase its life. The boring and machining is done by our precision CNC machines. Wellmaster also tests the cutting edge regularly at various points to maintain proper and consistent hardness. The shoe is coated in a dark grey finish and is stenciled to read Lead Free and Made In Canada. Part number identification has also been added for ease of re-ordering.