Wellmaster’s Cart Donation to The Canby Center in Oregon

At Wellmaster, we are committed to empowering the communities we serve. By providing vital equipment to support nonprofits and local initiatives, we can help make a positive impact on the lives of the people involved in these organizations and communities.

Recently, we assisted The Canby Center in Oregon, U.S., with Wellmaster carts that they required for use in their food distribution efforts. At The Canby Center, new nesting carts from Wellmaster are enabling more families to benefit from the community’s generosity. Whether it’s 300+ donated boxes of breakfast cereal or garden starts grown at the local high school, these shopping carts are moving things – for good. Learn more about The Canby Center’s unique, dignity-strengthening model and their upcoming expansion on their website.

On average 126 families a week visit The Canby Center to “shop” for food for their whole family at no cost. Donated fresh produce, milk, eggs, bread, proteins, and dry goods fill the new Wellmaster nesting carts at any of our three shopping times. Members are thrilled with these new additions, which are smooth to drive and provide ergonomic ease for loading and unloading.

These are a game changer! Thank you for making this upgrade possible, Wellmaster!”

  • Macaela Bennett, Executive Assistant at The Canby Center


Wellmaster’s Nesting Shopping Carts

Wellmaster nesting shopping carts with flip baskets are the perfect solution for The Canby Center’s needs. The platform carts are for use on pavement and warehouse-like flooring, so The Canby Center looked for our recommendation on wheels with the easiest maintenance and best fit for their environment.

Our maintenance-free precision wheel ball bearings on the nesting carts not only extend the lifespan of the carts but also reduce the need for frequent repairs, allowing non-profits to focus on their core mission of aiding the community. The sealed swivel caster raceways enhance durability, ensuring the wheels function flawlessly even in demanding environments. Our wheels also feature wheel thread guards to keep shrink wrap or other similar materials out of the wheel’s path. With a distributed load capacity of 300 lbs per cart and 250 lbs per shelf, these carts will easily transport large amounts of food and other heavy items with ease.

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Wellmaster Carts: Made for Your Needs

Although our carts are typically made with greenhouses, nurseries, and garden centers in mind, they are applicable to a wide range of other businesses and industries. Many of our products are customizable, like the FlexHaul Platform Cart, so they can be used for a variety of purposes. We can also create custom solutions to meet your needs and resolve your pain points. In the past, we have worked with contractors, food banks, and other companies to create new solutions, like scaffolding racks and benches, to fulfill their needs. We’ve also made other donations in the past to assist non-profits like food banks, humane societies, and local farm food distribution programs.

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Wellmaster Can Make a Difference for Your Business

Reach out to our team to learn more about creating a custom product from prototype to manufacturing. We would be more than happy to discuss how Wellmaster can help make a difference for your business.

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